The problem with the way phones are used

Many people listen to music using headphones for hours on end and for extended phone calls or multiple calls.  Using a cabled headset or headphones is not safe as microwave radiation travels up the exterior of headphone and earphone cables - directly to the user's head.  Or they hold their mobile phone next to the head in the same position, call after call, day after day, in a way that the manufacturers do not advise that their phones are used.  

People also use wireless earbuds or headphones without realising they are exposing themselves to the low powered microwave radiation used by Bluetooth.

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Wireless earbuds or headphones expose the user to low powered microwave radiation close to the brain.  In addition, the earbuds pass microwave straight through the brain in order to communicate with each other.

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Our solution?

Using Cool Call with H.A.R.D. protection on a cabled headset absorbs microwave radiation which travels up the metal core of the cable from the mobile phone.  This also keeps the phone at a safe distance from the body - recommended by phone manufacturers.

At Cooler Coms we have been studying how mobile phones distribute such radiation when used and how we can best develop low cost devices that will absorb all radiation external (but in close proximity) to the phone in the 800 Megahertz to 4 Gigahertz frequency range.  

Currently we use a stable of powerful dielectrics combined with Optoisolation to obviate these frequencies.  We are also developing a cellular phone that whilst working with the exising terrestrial microwave networks which will not emit microwave radiation.


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