Health Statistics

We have carried out exhaustive research into the incidence of a number of key health issues which may indicate a link with mobile phone use.

We have confined this research to areas of the body which come into contact with or close proximity to mobile phones on a regular basis under normal operation.  We have, therefore, excluded statistics on conditions such as breast cancer, for example, since it is impossible to gather data on the number of women who carry their mobile phone in their bra; bringing it close to the breast.  Although there is significant evidence to indicate that there could be a link between keeping mobiles in the bra and breast cancer, the information is simply not available for us to demonstrate a conclusion.

We have presented our findings in graphical format in order to more clearly illustrate our findings.  All data has been supplied by the UK Government and this is available on request.

In order to prevent the statistics being affected by the growth in the UK population, all calculations are based on incidence per 100,000.

Lip, oral cavity and pharynx

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Eye and Adnexa

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Temporal Lobe

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The Swedish Cancer Registry

These statistics have been mirrored by data released by the Swedish Cancer Registry which has revealed that cancers of the head and neck are on the increase in Sweden.  It appears that cancers of the thyroid and mouth have the steepest increase, but pituitary cancers are also going up.

As with the statistics for UK oral cancer, published on this page, cancers of the mouth in Sweden have shown a steady rise since 1970, linked to incidence per 100,000 population.

It is interesting to note that a major cause of oral cancer is smoking and, in the UK, both the number of smokers and the amount they smoke has steadily declined since 2010.  If mobile phone radiation is contributing to the increase in the number of cases of oral cancer, then it is possible that it may be having even more of an effect given the number of people quitting or cutting down on their smoking.

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