Concern is growing around the World about the potential dangers to health from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) from cell phone towers, phones and other wireless devices.  Here we examine the science behind these concerns and put scientific documents at your disposal so that you can make informed decisions.

Almost 250 independent international scientists have written an open letter to the World Health Organisation calling for action to urgently examine the effects on our health from EMF.

There is strong evidence emerging that the telecoms industry has been highly successful in manipulating scientists and the science of EMF so that people are lead to think that there is no proof of harm.  Powerful lobbying, sponsoring of scientific reports and economic muscle have served telecoms companies well in getting their message across.

However, the weight of evidence is growing and public opinion is starting to change, together with the media becoming more aware that there could be a major health problem growing, particularly amongst children.  Governments and legislators are becoming concerned too.  France, Italy, Cyprus and Israel have banned WiFi in schools.  Bangladesh has ordered the removal of cell phone towers from schools.

Italy is creating a public information campaign for all citizens, warning them of the potential dangers of microwave radiation from wireless devices.

Finally, court cases have been won and damages paid out to claimants in Europe, whilst in the US cases are being settled out of court.

Please take the time to read the reports that we have published and watch some of the video features from major TV networks, we are sure that you will find these to be illuminating.

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